CMS – Game Changer
in the World of
Web Development!

Just 20 years ago, websites were static, once set the content of a page stayed as it was for quite some time before it would be altered. But information changes, not only individuals also enterprises create and update content and information quickly. Like the environment a company wants and needs to keep the customers, suppliers up to date, which becomes quite an amount of work and often enough chaos and ultimately very costly.

Updating any type of information, without fault, sometimes more than once a day, by hand is a next to impossible task. So then, in the early 2000s people started using content management systems (CMS) to do just this for them. A CMS is exactly what its name tell you: it manages all the content you might have and lets you publish the information on web-pages. Like that a CMS makes keeping dynamic websites updated more efficient by eliminating the amount of work and time it takes to update content.

With a CMS one can manage the workflow directly. The content will go through multiple stages including the verification by an admin and only then will be published on your web-page. To do so you get an editing component, the content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA). These two components are integrated together in a CMS to streamline the web development process.

A CMS is typically much more than a simple website builder. The features of a CMS vary greatly and you should choose them according to your requirements. In general, all of them can take many tasks over for you:

  • Editing content
  • Publishing
  • Indexing
  • Version Control
  • Search Engine Optimization.

Then specialized CMS came out that offer add-ons like Online Marketing, Online Communities, eCommerce and more. The best is you do not need to hire a web specialist to maintain your contents anymore: Using a CMS you get an intuitive user interface that allows one or more users to manage your web-page.

Like this, Content Management Systems have become one of the internet’s most powerful web developer tools.

For your enterprise web-page or an online a CMS might be the perfect solution. Write a mail to or call us at +1 929 800 4058 and we help you figure out the best solution.

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