The Many Possibilities that
E-Commerce Holds

Whatever we do, we do for our Clients. We put additional Services or Products in additional markets through additional channel and additional flexibility with additional customer service and additional individualized offers out there. And all these additions do not come cheap. They cost labour and time and unfortunately money. For a business it only makes sense to dive into offering these add-ons if they ultimately pay off.

You could try to increase the prices, after all your client gets additional value, but that might drive clients away from you rather than increase your profits. The other option is to find a solution to extend your business that comes cheap or to save costs one way or another.

One of these ways is to offer your sales expertise and products online. Any type of commercial transaction done, even if only partly, online is called E-Commerce.

The E-Commerce Market

Nowadays, up to 20% of the retail spending is done online. The number clearly depends on the products and also highly on the country you are selling in but it is for sure that the rate of which eCommerce business grows is great no matter where you are.

On the one hand this is because companies widen their own services by establishing an eCommerce presence. On the other hand, customers chose online shops more often as they find it to be more convenient. An online shop is open 24 hours, it shows you the full range and alternatives, additional information and the products get sent to your doorstep.

Much Value Addition

There are surely products you get looked up online more often than others because customers doubt the quality online or want to check out the look and feel before committing to a purchase. But this should not encourage any retailer from going online. On the contrary, your solution to these challenges can be the great advantage you offer your clients over your competition.

But the Risks

Of course all that glitters is not gold: Setting up an online business or expanding your services via the internet comes with risks that need to be addressed. You need to be up to date with the newest laws and regulations in Data Safety and Security and be able to implement them efficiently.

Then, how can you assure you web-page is working properly all the time, what does your infrastructure need to look like? Your web-page needs to fit user criteria or else it will not yield any profit but rather drive your page visitors away.

Your system should integrate with your regular way of working or even enhance it to gain more cost savings. And it should be easy to handle for you or your staff and not create additional hassle because you need to keep it updated.

It does make sense to have a professional figure out the details for you. In this way you will get a solution which is made for you and fulfills all requirements your company might have.

If you like one of our experts have a look and give you more input on your options write a mail at or call us at +1 929 800 4058.

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