21st International Cloud Expo

Be on Cloud Nine!

It’s all about ‘the cloud’ these days.

Intransure is registered for 21st international cloud expo (Cloud Expo Silicon Valley Oct 31 - Nov 2) with one of our highly sought after products DIH (data insight hub)

Enterprises globally have started integrating cloud computing in some form into its IT development and operations.

Small to Mid size businesses are also migrating to ‘the cloud’.

Companies are advancing their unique mix of cloud technologies and services, forming multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures and deployments across all major industries.

Cloud Expo is the single show where technology buyers and vendors will meet to experience and discuss ‘cloud computing’ and all that it entails.

Cloud Expo will bring discussion on Big Data & Analytics.

We are looking forward to speakers like Liz McMillan Who’ll discuss #BigData Analytics Elizabeth White who’ll speak about #BigData and #IoT: The Economic Benefits, BigData Thrashing and Resolution and Pat Romanski IT Operations for #BigData and many more All-Star speakers, speaking on various topics at the event.

more information about the event is available at http://www.cloudcomputingexpo.com

DIH is an all-in-one solution for businesses that leverage information management as well as BIG DATA analytics with Real Time Business Intelligence.

It has Intuitive and Stunning High-End Interactive Dashboards for Statistical Modeling & Algorithm Development that helps create Integrated Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics, with features like Data QA, Mining, Modelling & Forecasting, In-Memory Analytics for instant Visualization of Data, Visual Reporting & Analysis, and Scalable Architecture to add more users.

DIH is hosted on Microsoft Azure with 128-Bit Encryption for Data Security with rights based access management, with the flexibility of hosting options available for in-house hosting for clients.

See, Hear, Discover, Learn, Master…

Making right decisions with the help of artificial intelligence!

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