Time and attendance plays a crucial role in currently diversified businesses where people work on multiple projects – working from home, office, off-site locations. The core sales and marketing team has to be mobile on a daily basis in any business. The objective of Prudent Attendance Plus is to evolve from overcoming the current challenges of time and attendance from series of manual record tracking and validation to a smartphone enabled time tracking solution integrating multiple technologies from data collection and governance perspectives.

Transforming time and attendance system truly helps enterprises to track the workforce, their productive time with substantial business benefits thereby minimizing compliance challenges and make intuitive data driven business decisions through end-to-end automation and analytics driven dashboards.

Industry challenges cover – multiple employee locations, different time zones, and remote working locations, different shifts, in and outside offices, cluttered data points and enormous person-days from HR before processing payroll.

Prudent Attendance Plus is an integrated solution that aggregates the data captured through Biometric Devices, RFID devices, Beacons and GPS enabled remote locations through smartphones. The integrated solution is comprehensive enough to track employee’s time and attendance irrespective of the location. The solution empowers you to visualize reports on fingertips, reduce resources for manual validation and comply with statutory requirements.

Product Feature

Dashboard & Analytics driven Report Gallery:

Comprehensive reporting module with ready-to-view key attributes driven indicators to identify the performance of the organization on certain key parameters that eventually enhance productivity. You will be able to see shift-wise, location wise, late attendance and many more intuitive reports from the report gallery. You can export, print and send reports via email.

Compatible with Multiple Time Tracking Devices and Smartphones:

The devices used for time tracking varies across organizations. With the introduction of latest technologies like Beacon and remote login through GPS enabled smartphones, Prudent Attendance Plus is compatible and customisable with all biometric and RFID enabled devices including Bluetooth low energy beacons and smartphones through dynamic back end database architecture and integration.

Enhanced secured role based user Management

The product provides secured role based user rights access management with authentication at an admin level for seamless creation and configuration of the user by the administrator. This has been integrated with SMTP feature for sending emails through the system with a click of a button. You can create multiple roles and assign multiple roles to user depending on the position of the employee within the organization.

Shift & Roster Management

The product provides flexibility to create and configure multiple shifts, assign shifts to employees and change shifts based on the shift roster. Based on the allocated shift, latecomer report and other information can be analysed and published through the dashboard. Through this you can allow exemptions for senior management team from attendance reports, overtime and deficit hours for employees and much more.

Create Holiday across different Location

A multi-national organization has to encapsulate holidays for employees across geographies. The product provides the functionality of configuring holidays across different global locations and allocate holidays for different shifts. This allows mid-level management to accurately track late attendance, absenteeism as well as holiday rosters visually through their dashboards clubbed with location wise attendance and other summary reports.

Error Rectification Module for Admin

The product is intuitive enough to handle errors and exceptions as well as manual entries by shifting the data into the employees record. In situations, when employees forget to get the access card to office, they are assigned temporary access cards for the day and with intimation, your HR admin can move all the data for the employees to their actual data which makes flawless integration of the data to avoid any manual entries. Similarly, you would be able to insert data manually against the employees through the system in case of error while capturing the data through time tracking devices.


  • Time tracking for the employees through smartphones while working remotely and integration to all the time tracking devices such as biometric, RFID and bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon based technologies.
  • Work from home, client site and submit the time through remote check-in/check-out (GPS based) from smartphone
  • Automatic generation of Overtime and Deficit reports for payroll processing team
  • Attendance Regularization
  • Shift based attendance
  • Auto notification and reports through mail to the department heads and management
  • Intuitive dashboard and analytics driven report gallery for smart business decisions


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