Project Management & Support
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Project Management and Support

Due to our flexible way of working we can help you out with any resource and expertise that your project might be in need of. This can go from single developers, infrastructure or technical advise to complete Teams, Project Leads and Business Analysis.

Our Scrum Process let’s us adjust our resources to your needs quickly.

Resource Augmentation

Your business has to be dynamic to suit the ever-changing market conditions. You should not have to ignore the market needs and your targets because you lack specific expertise or resources. Nothing should keep you from fulfilling your business goals.

That is why we offer resource augmentation that deliver the best solutions based on your business need.

Technical Specialists on Demand

In changing markets business spikes, changing and growing demand a business has to grow their teams. Our technical specialists can flexibly join your project and extend your expertise. You can hire a dedicated team or single resources.

To make them a valuable member of your team, we thoroughly understand your business objectives and vision and then train the specialist on your company’s guidelines.

Managed Service Engagement

As a last resort, you will higher temporary contractors. But managing contingent workforce is complex and costly, especially for smaller companies. So we will be your central point of accountability for improved talent sourcing, selection and retention efforts across multiple skills, locations and vendors.

We can handle shared services such as Payroll Management, Employee Relations and other HR Activities which will greatly help to improve your current hiring processes but keeping your efficiency.

Get in touch with us to discuss on what aspects of Human Capital Management Intransure can add value to your business.

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