Tableau Reporting and Consulting Services

Effective and swift business decisions are made by analyzing the right data.

To reduce the amount of time spent finding and preparing clean, accurate and reliable data, Intransure Technologies allows users to manipulate, enrich, blend and combine disparate data – In minutes or hours without IT Intervention - so it can be visualized in Tableau.

Tableau Data Visualization

  • Simply and Intuitively Prepare Data: Drop a file or document on the prep canvas, and the data is instantly available in rows and columns. Transform it with 80+ pre-built functions – not scripting!
  • Automatically Extract Data: Finally access Information trapped in PDFs, log and text files, JSON and more with Monarch’s exclusive drag-and-drop, one-click data extraction.
  • Extract Data from Web Pages: Simply copy and paste a web page and Monarch immediately extracts just the tabular data you need.
  • Integrate with 30 Different Sources: Use any out-of-box connectivity tool to connect to all major databases like Hadoop, NoSQL, Salesforce and more.
  • Understand Data Quickly: Employ filters to prepare data while larger data sets load in the background so you can immediately start working.
  • Easily Join Data Sets: Join Analysis lets you integrate disparate data using powerful algorithms so you don’t need to be a data scientist.
  • Append Data in One Click: Consolidate data sets with identical structures, such as daily or monthly reports, with ease.
  • Leverage Transparent Preparation: Each change is recorded and visible to show what was done. Undo, redo or “paint” other columns to apply steps quickly.
  • Share and Automate: Save your data prep steps as a Workspace to be shared with others or reapplied to new data.
  • Export Directly to Tableau: Export optimized data to a Tableau Data Extract(TDE), the native data format for Tableau.


Tableau Desktop Development

  • Best Fit for
    • Those who want to build real time visualizations on the fly, with little technical expertise required.
    • Companies of all sizes use Desktop edition to build visualizations very rapidly.
    • Server and Online editions allow visualizations to be shared.
  • Value Proposition
    • Dashboards simple to build, even for a novice
    • Best for rapidly visualizing a single data set
    • Very active user community Extensive technology partner network
  • Integration
    • Integrates with broad range of data sources including spreadsheets, CSV, SQL databases, Salesforce, Cloudera Hadoop, Firebird, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, Hortonworks Hadoop, HP Vertica, MS SQL Server, MySQL, OData, Oracle, Pivotal Greenplum, PostgreSQL, Salesforce, Teradata and Windows Azure Marketplace.
  • Pricing
    • Free Desktop version called “Public” that makes data available to all.
    • Private versions come with fixed fee depending on data access.