Intransure Technologies is an advanced technology company offering specialized services in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft .NET based Web base Applications and Windows based Applications solutions. We work on developing technologies in the Microsoft Platform providing customers with high performance and complete solutions. We adapt ourselves to changing business needs and delivering our customers with high performance solutions that are relevant, futuristic and scalable

Asp.Net Application Development

.Net Development with Intransure Technologies Includes

  • MVC 3.0,4.0,5.0
  • C#, LINQ
  • Web forms, Web services and Web server controls
  • Web services, SOAP ,UDDI, WCF
  • Windows Application, WPF
  • Microsoft Share Point , Windows Azure
  • `Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
  • MSSQL server 2005/2008/2008R2

About .Net Technologies

  • .Net is a set of Technologies provided by Microsoft that facilitates application development by offering multiple languages well suited for different tasks as well as preferences, an integrated development environment for productive application development, a class library providing more functionality to applications, and an execution environment for managed execution of the code on any platform.
  • It gave most efficient development along with smooth and clean integration with database. It is very much flexible with development for basic and advanced version as well. Also, if there is need for dynamic web pages then this technology is strongly preferred
  • It is completely compatible with products which are certified by the Microsoft and those companies which use the Microsoft certified products will surely preferred this technology.

Why .Net is Preferred for Development

  • .NET Technologies is being hailed as the best Web development and Windows development. Its’ preferred by thousands of companies around the world. Big reason is its performance and also security. Mainly Ecommerce companies preferred this technology as it is the most secured and encrypted technology which can be used for their application as it involves money transactions and shopping cart features as well.
  • In MVC (Model–View–Controller), web application development commonly uses controllers and views. In the past, server controls are rendered unnecessary for creating HTML pages. The most fundamental feature in web application development is that MVC is dependent on the handling of HTTP requests. Only exception is URL of form. ASP.Net MVC generally is not attached to server.

Types of Application Supported by .Net Technologies

  • Windows Application
  • ASP.Net web Application
  • Class Library
  • ASP.Net web Service
  • Smart Device Application

Advantages of .Net Development

  • It significantly decreases the quantity of code necessary in large web applications which are developed in .Net framework.
  • Web applications developed in .Net are secure as Windows confirmation and configuration can be attained for every application.
  • This development provides WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).
  • It provides server controls and blueprints with capability of drag and drop and involuntary operation.
  • HTML code and source code are separated so changes can be done easily in .Net development.
  • .Net platform is languages independent.

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