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In the current evolving markets, a greater responsibility lies on the key decision makers of the organizations in taking the decisions best suited for their businesses and to gain the competitive advantage.

High quality analysis can transform data to meaningful insights and drive most competitive landscape. This eventually help most of the business communities to prepare and predict for the future. We bring together the synergies in alignment with industry experience to boost fast, measurable and fact based decisions that you can monitor in the best possible way within the expected timelines.

Intransure is well experienced in providing all aspects of Big Data solutions to clients across a wide variety of industries (retail, telecom, banking, insurance and healthcare). At Intransure, we not only produce complex business intelligence driven analytics, we also provide the right set of deployment capabilities and help clients to understand and use of the analytical findings to maximise their return on investments.

The Big Data Analytics and Reporting services of Intransure enables our clients to take decisions with confidence based on the structured and logical analysis of their data. While most of the organizations understand the importance of Big Data, only few of them are implementing it. Intransure is bridging that gap by making world class Big Data Analytics Services accessible and affordable.

Big Data technological capabilities and tools:



Business Intelligence is no longer a nice-to-have feature. It is a necessity for survival in competitive markets. Businesses generate plentiful data, even though this data is complex and it is very valuable. The real power of the data can be harnessed once the data is captured, modified and transformed into insightful information.

This extracted information will aid the companies in taking crucial business decisions and optimizing their internal process.

The Intransure BI team is dedicated in providing you enterprise-level technology roadmap and strategy building, we offer End-2-End Business Intelligence implementation.



Today’s customers are highly engaged, empowered and connected through various digital and social media. Driving customer loyalty and engagement, customer journey management, profitability and sustainable growth requires understanding and predictive modelling with the data points which enhances the decision making power of the clients. This support and facilitate the behaviour and use the knowledge to gain momentum in enhances personalized experience and customer communications.


Visually analysing your business information through insightful reports and dashboards helps the decision makers. Analysing operational data like customers, transactions, sales, marketing, finance, customer support need a huge amount of time and efforts in actually developing the rich custom dashboards. With the introduction of multi-platform visualization capabilities within Intransure, you easily share data, reports and dashboards in a collaborative, intuitive and deployment oriented reporting platform.


This is the age of empowered customers. With rapid global digitalization the customer holds the power like never before with access to information, they are no longer lured by the jazzy marketing campaigns. They demand value and do not hesitate publish their views if not satisfied. In this context Big Data is no longer a nice-to-have feature but a business necessity. Leverage the old and new data sources and turn them into actionable insights through Intransure Campaign Management.


A customer engagement provides an all-encompassing platform to build and grow lasting customer relationships, and yet not enough companies are recognizing what the real secret is.

Intransure customer engagement provides your company with the information and tools it needs to retain your best and most promising customers—but it also equips you to extend those relationships by encouraging return purchases and greater spending, while simultaneously flagging up cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

For more information, check our Business Intelligence Platform – DataInsightHub


At Intransure, we help companies think ahead. Businesses today, need to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility. Staying ahead of that change and achieving long-term success requires ongoing business transformation. We are committed to deliver high quality services and we thrive on the customer success. Get in touch with us for more information on Intransure Big Data services and how we can add value to your business.