Big Data Consulting
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Big Data Consulting

Every day, we create several quintillion bytes of data, vast amounts of which lie there idle. New devices and tools, sensors and technology grow these numbers more and more. Of how much of this data do you actually make use? How much knowledge remains inaccessible to you?

Our mission is to figure out the vast potential of your data and create meaningful information for your company. We offer you high quality analysis and let you get the insights you need to make the best decisions for your company’s future.

Our team brings together deep industry expertise and the necessary technical know-how to boost fast, measurable and fact based decisions to let you monitor every aspect of your business. At Intransure, we not only produce complex business intelligence driven analytics, we also provide the right set of deployment capabilities and help clients to understand and use the analytical findings in order to maximize their return on investments.

Let us show you our Big Data solutions best fit for your industry.


Customer & Marketing Intelligence

Today’s customers are highly engaged, empowered and connected through various digital and social media. Driving customer loyalty and engagement, making customer journey management possible, and ensuring profitability and sustainable growth requires understanding and predictive modelling.

  • Pursue a holistic view of the customer journey to create a better customer experience
  • Revolutionize the way in which your marketers deepen customer connections
  • Build and grow lasting customer relationships
Campaign Management
Customer Engagement
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