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21 Social Media Tools

  1. AgoraPulse: AgoraPulse helps you create contests, monitor your results, and customize your reporting.
  2. Buffer: Schedule content to publish across various social media platforms. Create a posting schedule for each social network and queue posts to be shared at an optimal time.
  3. Buzzsumo: Find the most popular content and stay updated on what is happening in your industry. Buzzsumo helps you gain an understanding of what your target audience likes.
  4. it: is an easy way to monitor your Twitter activity and respond in real time. You can also find and engage your top supporters to create reciprocal and meaningful relationships.
  5. Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer: Co-Schedule is a headline analyzer that measures the effectiveness of your headline. Test as many variations of a headline as you’d like and receive a score for each one based on their algorithm.
  6. Droplr: With Droplr, you remove the friction and frustration of sharing files, shortened URLs, screen recordings and screenshots from your busy life.
  7. Heyo: Want to easily create Facebook contests, sweepstakes and mobile-optimized landing pages? With Heyo you can! It helps you get more fans, leads and sales.
  8. Inkybee: Inkybee is a tool that lets you look for top bloggers, websites and influencers in a specific niche.
  9. KingSumo: KingSumo is a WordPress plugin that tests blog headlines against each other and then determines which one will attract more traffic. It lets you test 2-10 headlines at the same time.
  10. Likeable Local: Likeable Local is a powerful social media platform that offers small businesses a simple solution for managing a social media presence.
  11. Likealyzer: With Likealyzer you get a comprehensive review along with tips to help you improve your interaction with current and potential fans and customers.
  12. Mention: This tool was developed as a replacement for Google Alerts and has proven that it’s the best when it comes to catching all mentions of your brand. It offers the option of responding to the mentions and sharing them.
  13. OverVideo: What better way to show off your product or display your latest feature than a video? Now take that video and amplify the message with an animated text overlay!
  14. Pocket: Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and industry news b saving content to read later. With Pocket you can save from your desktop (Chrome extension), phone or tablet.
  15. Post Planner: Post Planner is an app that helps marketers manage and enhance their marketing strategy. It also helps you find the perfect content to post. Gain access to the most viral posts on Facebook – and get a huge list of status ideas.
  16. Quill Engage: This tool connects to Google Analytics, scans it, and puts the data into an analytics report. It focuses on the most important info you need and reports any significant changes.
  17. Relay: Now you can create visually appealing content over and over. Relay has pre-designed templates with appropriate dimensions for Instagram posts, Facebook posts or covers, presentations and much more.
  18. Social Quant: Find relevant people to connect with who are interested in engaging with your brand. No more random acts of following. Get clear, get specific – get focused on your target market!
  19. Sprout Social: Schedule content on all your accounts. Easily monitor mentions and reply to them right away. Create task-based messages or create helpdesk tickets to be assigned to team members.
  20. Tailwind: Want to make content curation, scheduling and analysis super easy? This is the tool for you!
  21. Dashlane: With Dashlane, you can get your logins and passwords in order. You can get your passwords wherever and whenever you need them!

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