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Big data DOESN’T have to be difficult to manage. DATA GROWTH 73% of startups say their collection of data has significantly increased. By 2020, there will be 50 TIMES the data that exists today. But 35% of startups haven’t even considered leveraging Big Data or Big Data Solutions. Big data doesn’t have to be costly, time consuming or complicated. Many…

Big Data Myths and Facts Myth: Big Data Is New Fact: Huge cross-references of every single word used in the Bible, called “concordances,” were in use by scholar monks for centuries well before the first databases. Myth: Big data is Made for Big Business Fact: Enterprises of all sizes are able to now leverage big data analytics thanks to recent…

Big Data Solutions
Big Data Solutions


Big Data solutions as a phrase intrigues every other business owner. Whether or not you resonate with technology, the term must have amused you in the recent past.

There is tons of information around to tell you about its advantages. Right from healthcare to law enforcement, all have seen positive results with it. Every day you get to know something remarkable happening through Big Data solutions.

Though all this sounds exciting, it also gets you into a supposing mode. “Big Data solutions sound great for sure; will it work great for me too?” or “If only Big Data solutions will work for my business ?”

3 Promising Big Data Trends for Future

3 Promising Big Data Trends for Future

Big Data Trends are most talked about these days. It is not difficult to assume that the years from now will have a dominance of new Big Data Trends. Data is all around us. Gathering, analysing and using it to make informed decisions is what Big Data is all about. Right from product searches to cart abandonment, all actions get an uplift through it.

Big Data creates opportunities in spheres that were never ever imagined erstwhile. It is of value to almost all processes across all verticals. The implementation of Big Data will continue and shows no sign for an ebb.