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Big Data for Travel Vertical

Big Data as a term is quite popular these days. Just about anyone within or without the purview of technology will talk about it.

A typical usage of Big Data involves over hundreds of terminologies within it. To that there is an addition of a lot of statistics and data. Further, its working includes collecting and compiling streams of data in a dynamic pattern.

To put it in simple terms, there is a lot that happens in the Big data world of things.

But mind you, do not limit yourself to think that it is far too complicated to be of any practical use.

A technology provider involves gathering relevant data and statistics. Though in order to discover patterns through it is the differentiating task. That is where someone with hands-on-experience in handling multiple domains comes into play.

A lot many industries are exploring possibilities in the Big Data world of things. Everyone wants avenues to up-sell, maximize marketing initiatives or acquire new customers. All these benefits come with Big Data.

Travel is using Big Data

Here is a look at how an industry vertical like Travel is using Big Data to its advantage.

  1. It helps to identify the intention of travel of its prospects.
  2. It helps to track and keep a close watch on every individual traveler.
  3. Looks for untapped areas that can create additional demand for sales.
  4. It helps to capture the sharing behaviour on social media to discover trends.
  5. It helps to unlock queries users put across different digital medium. They can be then used to develop patterns for bringing in new products as solutions.
  6. It identifies prospects sitting on fence, to target them with customized offers to bring in their first sales.
  7. It gets data on the prospects who converted, so as to replicate the same on other prospects.
  8. Likewise, it finds answers to identify why prospects did not convert to customers.
  9. It identifies which technology appeals more to the customers as a touch-point. It could be push notifications, email campaigns, social media events or an offline touch point.

This compiled list is not exhaustive and is specific to the travel vertical for the usages of Big Data. Though the strategy can replicate to almost any industry to get exemplary results.

As a company offering core Big Data services, Intransure also provides synergies through it. It develops applications that integrate analytics to bring in simple solutions for clients. The solutions in the form of web and mobile apps streamline your business initiatives. They can also integrate with your current efforts to build better content to your users.

If you wish to ask something specific in Big data for your business, then please feel free to let us know here.

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Aditi Mishra is the Marketing Manager for – She handles the digital media and branding at Intransure. You can get in touch with her at aditi (dot) mishra (at) intransure (dot) com

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