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Business Needs An App
Business Needs An App

Every business needs an app – now it is no more surprising to hear that . Though recently, I was in for a surprise when a local business owner asked me for an app advice. This person is a septuagenarian and runs an eatery in my area.

Erstwhile, he shrugged my unsolicited advice on investing in a website. Hence, it intrigued me to know what led him to this technology pro decision.


It turned out that his business developed a new indirect revenue stream through an app. He started furnishing orders from others in the same business who use their own app. Those other businesses work with a drop-ship kind of a plan. They take orders through their dedicated app. Those orders are then fulfilled by my restaurant friend.

The model works like an outsourced marketing and logistics project for him. All he has to do is prepare as many orders as the app business owner asks him to. Then the delivery staff collects those and disburses to the respective customers. This enabled my friend to build a wider customer base on a shoe-string marketing budget. Now all he does is a control on his inventory to keep a buffer for the increasing growth of orders.

Now coming back to the element of surprise that started this story.

How did the question that local business needs an app get triggered?

With the background that I provided, it is clear that he did so with an intent to increase his business.

But increase your business with an app? Is it indeed possible, or it is just another soon to die out fad?

Yes and a No.


Businesses need an app to witness an increase in their bottom lines.

No, because mobility is the way forward, which calls for apps.

But whether your business needs an app is a question that you need to answer yourself.

If the answer to the above question is in affirmation, then you can get in touch with us.

Though, if you need help to decide the right app for your business, then we can help!

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Aditi Mishra is the Marketing Manager for – She handles the digital media and branding at Intransure. You can get in touch with her at aditi (dot) mishra (at) intransure (dot) com

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