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20 years ago, websites were static, consisting of HTML files uploaded to a server through FTP. Then, in the early 2000s, there was a rise of content management systems—software you install on a web host that allows you to update content through your browser. CMS made websites dynamic by eliminating the amount of work and time it took to update content.

A content management system, usually abbreviated as “CMS” is a system(program) that allows creation, editing, publishing and removal of content on your website without needing of expertise of a webmaster and maintained from a central interface. CMS manages workflow so a content cannot publish directly on the website, instead it will go through multiple stages and after verification admin can publish it to the website. A CMS is typically much more than a site builder. Feature of a CMS varies according to the brand but most of them including Editing content, Publishing, Indexing, Version Control, Search Engine Optimization etc. Now a day few CMS came with Online Marketing, Online Communities, Ecommerce and more.

When to Choose CMS?

  1. Do you want to update your site regularly?
    • It means you need a website which is dynamic or a website whose content can be change regularly like ecommerce or a corporate website.
  1. Need complete control over the appearance of the site?
    • It means you can manage the themes, color, font event the layout of the site content.
  1. Does your site update by multiple authors?
    • It means not only the administrator, you can create authors (users) also and can give permission to change the website content.
  1. Do you want your site users to have their own pages where visitors can sign up, manage their own account etc.?
    • It means the user you have created can have their own pages where they can manage their account. Also users have option to create their own account in the system/website and work on the site like any ecommerce site. These accounts then manage by the administrator.

If all the above answer is “YES” then you should choose a CMS.

Benefits of Using a CMS:

  1. It’s easy to use by a non-technical person.
  2. Easy Page management.
  3. Consistent brand all over the site using a common template.
  4. It Improves site maintenance.
  5. Design can be change quickly.
  6. It helps you to manage content I few clicks.
  7. Easy for developers to create a CMS based website.
  8. Workflow management so no one can publish the content directly on the website.

The main super advantage of CMS is, after complete and impeccable development of CMS, any non-technical user can flawlessly manage unlimited content in the whole website, without knowing or changing a single line of code. Intransure Technologies Team has expertise in development of such kind of custom CMS development.

Write a mail at [email protected] or call us at +1 929 900 8026 and let us tell you how we can add value to your business.

About The Author

I am Sanket Saxena, working as a Senior Software Developer in – I did Microsoft and Kentico CMS Certification with in-depth knowledge in developing Web and Windows based Applications using ASP.NET and C#. Apart from this non technical background i love to do Travelling, Singing and sometimes cooking food too 🙂

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