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Native Android Applications

There are different approaches to develop Android Applications. Native apps are the apps that are developed specifically for a device. They provide best performance and can run with minimal overhead with capability of the using operating system.

Native applications are developed using Java programming language with Android SDK. Most of the developers are using Android Studio (the official Android IDE developed by Google). Android Studio is free and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Android Studio 2.1.2, the current stable release version, has many features to simplify all aspects of Android app development, such as a Visual Layout, Powerful Code Editor, Theme Editors, Image Asset Studios, Vector, Instant Run and much more.

Here are Some Advantages of Developing Native Apps:

Need for Speed: According to some studies, users does not like delay of even 2 seconds. There are many companies who have already learned this lesson by investing in HTML5 and then moving back to native for performance cause.

IDE: Android have comprehensive tools for almost everything from designing to testing. It offers strong set of tools to use hardware features that are not available to many cross development platforms and web development platforms.

Native Look and Feel: Native Application feels and looks like default application and users quickly get used to specific icons and buttons.

Usability: While using native applications, you expect specific functionality as well as design patterns like zoom and multi-touch. These functions are easily accessed in native APIs while get worse with the other methods.

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