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As a Marketing manager in the digital domain, I adorn many hats. Devising the Content Strategy to marketing it to the right audience takes up time. Add to this the diminishing returns on an active campaign. Or add the ever-increasing costs of acquiring qualified leads. 

At times, I wish to have a wand that could help. For an instance, I aim to provide a lot of quality content to present to my audience. Content that not only gets a lot of views, but also engages my audience. This wish can only fulfill with automated digital marketing solutions.

If you have been in a profession like mine, then you know what I mean. Most of the automated digital marketing solutions come at a premium. Thus making their purchase go out of budget.

Let us admit it creating content is not an easy job. The current search engine optimization measures add to the troubles. A novice job at it leads to thin quality content, which does not incite anyone. Its outcome for the targeted audience will be worse. Instead of hooking them, your feed will stand a chance to get a spam treatment.

So, what are the digital marketing solutions for generating content ?

One can hire an internal/external Content writer or start creating content themselves.

If you have had prior experience doing both, you know it is again a difficult job.

An easier route can be partnering with a Digital marketing solutions company. But till the time you do that, you can also bank on curated content.

What is content curation ?

It is an art to provide useful content to your audience, which does not generate from your domain.

This could mean helping your viewers with a broad range of resources. The range includes content from the industry that your audience cares about.

But if content curation works in your favor, how to do it?

Your best source for doing it is the Google. But the way its algorithm works, it will fetch you a broad range of results. Though for curation, you will need targeted content from your search string results. For that purpose you will need a different search platform.

That is when the exclusive content curation platforms come into play. They are a set of dedicated resources to find only the relevant content as per the search rules.

Read further to know more about them.

3 Free Digital Marketing Solutions for unlimited Content Curation


The in depth repository of broad base of articles makes this resource great for curation. It has premium features for paid users. But for individuals and small business owners, the free version works well.

2. ContentGems

This is another of my favorite content curation tool. I find its USP in its unique Boolean search. This gives me the liberty to have niche results as per my set criterion. For an instance, I want my feeds to have word Social. In contentgems, I can limit it to not throw results with Social work.

3. Flipboard

This source works for both individual and business needs. The look and feel of the tool is like an e-magazine. It has the option of finding resources from a broad range of topics. These can then be flipped for receiving random articles based on selection.

You can use these for fulfilling content needs for your audience. The immediate results of these digital marketing solutions may not be evident. But in the course of time, your audience starts acknowledging your content curation efforts. These help you till the time you muster up the resources for in-house digital marketing.

These were the 3 major content curation resources I cannot live without. Please share your favourites so that I can add them to my list.

About The Author

Aditi Mishra is the Marketing Manager for – She handles the digital media and branding at Intransure. You can get in touch with her at aditi (dot) mishra (at) intransure (dot) com

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