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Google Data Studio 360

A lucrative overview of the Google Data Studio 360. It competes with Microsoft BI data visualization suite. It has its own beauty and disadvantages in the big data business.

Ever wondered how to deal with the Cataclysmic data issues…? Analyzing terabyte of data, enriching it with useful metrics & then presenting the findings using creative information design techniques can be daunting. With flooding market of Business Intelligence tools, it’s difficult to decide on which tool to use. There are various elements involved before deciding on the best tool, the most important ones are the value for money, creativity & rapid market adoption.

There are many tools available in the market. Whilst facing the same issue as mentioned above for my data, I found Google Data Studio while surfing the solution. It’s a tool which helps turn our customer insights into real gains. Google Data Studio (Beta Version- Free) provides everything you need to turn your data into beautiful, informative reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and completely tailor-made.

It includes a wide array of data connectors and helps the user visualize data from Google AdWords and Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Sheets and Attribution 360. It also homogenizes with Big Query.

It helps businesses bring in information from variety of sources and then collaborate into reports that can be shared internally and externally to help the audience to apprehend potentially complex raw data. The variety of reporting types used encompasses complex charts, graphs, heat maps, similar to other products, like Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI.

As per the business requirement, who needs a Premium Feature still have to subscribe to Google’s Data Studio 360 services. The free service in the Beta version just gives first time user a taste of its functionality that’s available to them. The difference between the paid and free version is the number of reports the user can create. The free version is limited to only five while the paid version i.e. Data Studio 360 users gets unlimited.

This tool can be a game changer as the beta version is freely available full featured and also includes A/B testing and audience targeting, which is rare as compared to its competitors. This tool is just a piece of Google’s premium offering for the Analytics. There is much more to come in its next release. Currently it is available only in US, it will be rolled to other regions within the year.

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Keyuri Patel, working as Assistant Manager (Business Intelligence and Reporting) in – 9 years of Industry Experience in Big Data space and strong Analytical skills like SAS, R, TABLEAU and Microsoft SharePoint 2013. My Hobbies include travelling, cooking and Photography.

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