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International IT Staffing and Recruitment
International IT Staffing and Recruitment

The globalization has affected all aspects of businesses. Beginning from the idea generation to retention of clients, and everything between. In today’s world organisations are rather multinationals. Irrespective of what industry do they belong to or in what capacity do they operate.

IT companies in particular operate in geographies far wide from their home turfs. Of all things of concern, international IT staffing and recruitment tops their list. 

The growth for organizations happens in their brand valuations, customers and in EBITs. These metrics of growth tend to have an impact on the workforce employed with them.

To maintain a momentum of a steady growth, organisations get into a hiring phase. This phase involves hiring not just for the territory back home. But also for the newer geographies where they intend to do business.

Why International IT Staffing and Recruitment ?

It goes without a mention that hiring is not easy. Replicate this activity across borders and the complexities upsurge.

At Intransure, we see this happening to our clients often. So we decided to list the top 3 challenges that we found common to most of them.

Read further to know them in detail.

1. Appropriate fit to the organization

The biggest challenge by far is in finding professionals who gel with the organisation. This factor causes qualifications and experience to become secondary skills.

As the old saying goes, a square peg in a round hole does not fit. This analogy describes this challenging situation the best.

2. Not linking the dots in an appropriate manner

I can illustrate this point with an example. Let us assume a company hired an IT admin personnel to their new office. They must have deemed an appropriate local match in a new geography. But once the person gets on board then the challenges emerge.

The person may be finding difficult to manage infrastructure for new premises.

A recall back to their resumes may tell a different story. It could boast of managing large IT infrastructures for major brands.

That is where the disconnect happens.

Most of the established players have robust infrastructures that may only require regular maintenance. Though installing one fresh from ground zero is a different ball game altogether.

Hence, International IT staffing and recruitment involves a deeper research. Emphasis should be more on hands on experience in projects of candidates. They should not give in to name dropping with big brand organisations on resumes.

3. The labor arbitrage challenges

The last decade has seen few destinations fighting in for the sweet spot of all things IT. In current times the number one spot is the Philippines. Though India, Romania and China are also the contenders of recent past.

Gearing up with the shift in the locations is another challenge. Considering the savings with labor arbitrages are hard to ignore.

International IT staffing and recruitment teams should catch up with this trend. They should update themselves on the hiring trends, sentiments and nuances of international locals.

These were the top challenges of most of the International IT Staffing and Recruitment organizations. Dealing with them is not easy, but a professional HR team with skills in place is required.

To cater to those we have our in house RPO team. If you face a bottleneck with any aspect of staffing and recruitment, then contact us to receive a no obligation consultation.

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Aditi Mishra is the Marketing Manager for – She handles the digital media and branding at Intransure. You can get in touch with her at aditi (dot) mishra (at) intransure (dot) com

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