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Angular JS 2.0

Type Script

Angular JS 2.0 is written in TypeScript. There are various advantages of strongly typed language. Main advantages of TypeScript are get type errors at compile-time and runtime, get better auto-completion by the text editors and IDEs and JavaScript VM is able to make better code optimizations.

No Controllers

It seems it got modern for the JavaScript MVW frameworks to drop controllers from their components. Instead of using controllers for business logic, Angular 2.0 use on component-based UI Design.

No Two-Way data-binding

One of the stuffs in AngularJS 1.x was bind data in two-way data-binding fashion using ng-model. it is dropped from new Angular 2.0.

One-way data-binding has following advantages:

  • More clear data-flow
  • No circular dependencies between bindings (so no TTL of the $digest)
  • Performance increase

Web Components

Angular 2.0 has been rewritten from scratch has lot of new technologies that are coming to the web. One of those technologies are Web Components. Web Components is a set of four technologies: HTML Imports, Templates, Shadow DOM and Custom Elements. Angular 2.0 uses templates for structural DOM changes, and Shadow DOM for styles and DOM encapsulation.

No $scope

There is no $scope in Angular2.0. Instead of binding to properties in the $scope inside our templates, we straight to bind properties of our components.


The specification for directives is significantly simplified, although they are still subject to change. In Angular2.0 @Directive annotation is available, in which we declared directive.

Module loader

We are still facing lot of problem with module loaders. What should we use? Maybe the classic way of endless script tags? Browserify/webpack? Require.js?  Angular 2.0 uses the standard System.js which is a universal module loader that loads ES6 modules, Common JS etc.

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