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Our study shows that a typical office worker prints 10,000 pages per year at an average annual cost of $270. If you multiply that with an average of 500 such workers considering a large, corporate with a minimum 2000 human capital the cost to company per year would be $135,000.

A single person consumes paper from 1 entire tree in a year considering that the tree yields 8,333 sheets of paper. So in a large corporate people use 500 trees in a year that can reduce 180,728 kg of CO2.

The Electricity costs for this magnitude of printing would be 11,378,957 hours running a 60-Watt bulb.

These results are alarming in this day and age of climate change.

Supplier management can be expensive. Companies waste up to $6 million annually in supplier spend because of inconsistent supplier data.

Cost efficiency, cost reduction, and spend analytics continue to be among the top business priorities in supply chain management (SCM) and procurement.  According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Study, 74% of CPOs are citing cost reduction as a strong business priority for the upcoming 12 months.

This is where an effective Vendor Management Solution comes in place.

Our approach to vendor management solves problems that you face when working with

  • Multiple vendor across variety of services
  • Each vendor supplies products and services out of which few are critical to your business
  • Each vendor has multiple contracts
  • You want to conduct due diligence and renew the vendors on an annual basis to have a healthy and transparent vendor management process in place
  • You want to invite preferred vendors and manage the complete process online
  • You want a complete paper-less system in place when it comes to vendor management
  • You want a collaborative environment, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format for interactions with your vendors.

Prudent VMS Product Features Include:

  • Dashboard & Analytics driven Report Gallery
  • Security & Data Privacy
  • Vendor Registration & Due Diligence
  • Vendor Approval Mechanism
  • Vendor Audit Process Flow
  • Vendor Contract Management

You can save as much as 12% of your costs and office real estate by using Prudent VMS Plus.

“Go Green, Stay Clean and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint”

To know more about the product visit: Prudent VMS Plus Or Get in Touch

About The Author

Himanshu leads the Global Delivery team at Intransure. In his more than 14 years of experience in the field of BFSI and ITES sector he has provided MIS Reporting to CXO’s of companies like Goldman Sachs, Thomson Reuters, ABN Amro Bank to name a few. He is experienced in implementing Business Process Automation globally across multiple industry verticals. His early realization of the importance of Big Data Visualization and adoption of it has helped him assist many companies see Business Intelligence in a different light.

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