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recruiting strategies
recruiting strategies

Recruiting strategies have undergone a paradigm shift in the recent times. It is difficult to find talent for the new sets of technology. The challenge to source them for an organization is also a difficult feat to overcome.

In a scenario when the the projects are on deadline, the recruitment process has to be a step ahead.

For such impending recruitment needs, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) plays an important role.

Thus, a lot many multinationals employ RPOs to install successful recruiting strategies. 

As we all know, in the current talent scenario, the shift is towards a candidate driven market. That means there are a lot of job opportunities waiting to close. So, to find the best fit for those vacancies, RPOs come into the picture.

Organisations are looking forward to operate in newer geographies, away from their home turfs. For obvious reasons, they look forward to an outsourcing partner. The RPOs make that hiring tasks less burdensome.

This gap fulfillment has led to mushrooming of a lot many players in the market. To be successful in running a RPO, being cost-effective is not enough.

Offering a service lowest than the competitors is one way to stay in business. On the contrary, delivering unique expertise to clients is the best way to provide them a value. That value serves advantages in the long run. Though they may seem expensive in the initial hey days.

At Intransure, we have been successful in deploying human resources for our offshore clients. Many a times people ask us to pin-point what made us achieve that feat. So, we thought of documenting our process so that it is simple for others to replicate.

Read further to know what recruiting strategies Intransure RPO team has.

1. complete understanding of client objectives
This seems quite simple to understand. But to divulge a fact, that although simple, this knowledge goes ignored most of the times. At Intransure, this point gets the most consideration. Our RPO team engages with the client at all levels. This helps them get the nearest gauge to what they are looking for. Hence, the closure of positions with the right fit happens with a breeze.


2. multiple resources for resource hunting

If a certain resume portal was the ultimate solution, others would have gone bankrupt by now. That also would have helped the internal recruiters at the clients’ end.

Come to think of this, then the need for a dedicated RPO provider would have never come across. That is why, we work with most of the online resume portals for sourcing candidates. Moreover, we manage an internal database built up with our own referral sources.

This database is our unique proposition that steers us apart from the competition.

3. Maintaining an agile framework

Let us face it, the requirements in the RPO world are dynamic most of the times. This leaves one with a limited time to react to the opportunities. To stay ahead for outsourced manpower needs, RPO should have flexible recruiting strategies.

They should shift from one strategy to another without much ado. The better their capability to adapt, the sound will be their partnership with clients.



These are few of the recruiting strategies that we share at Intransure. They have had a huge impact in improving our bottom line.

Do share with us your recruiting strategies that shaped your business. If you wish to know more about our RPO services, feel free to get in touch with us.

You can also get in touch with us at your convenience here.

About The Author

Aditi Mishra is the Marketing Manager for – She handles the digital media and branding at Intransure. You can get in touch with her at aditi (dot) mishra (at) intransure (dot) com


  1. Aditi,

    Even clients can work on on line portals. What clients need is something new apart from on line portals, what new can be done? You have not mentioned any thing about it that would make you a classs apart from others.

    Regarding your statement ” certain resume portal was the ultimate solution, others would have gone bankrupt by now” ..

    Your statement is wrong.. It is a fact that you will find certain type of candidates in certain portals only and that’s their marketing strategy which is allowing all these big companies live harmoniously. By accessing these portals your work will be done faster.

    Developing an internal database is very easy, however maintaining it is a very big thing.. How do you maintain it? How do you expect to update 100000 resumes ? not possible so by end of the year you have more than 70% scrap lying in your database.

    I am sharing this because you made an effort to write something good. All the best..

    I am a veteran at RPO with more than 8 years of US IT RPO, working from Vadodara.

    • Hi Sam,

      To an extent what you are saying is correct but what we are trying to accomplish here is completely different, we at Intransure offer seat based model to small to mid sized staffing organizations in US who do not have a setup in India but want to scale up their current delivery model. We have our own database of resources but I’m sure you are aware that even without calling any candidate you can present their candidature to the client even if the same profile was downloaded an hour back. Unlike traditional staffing companies, we here try to engage and give a completely different model to our partners in US and UK to give them a full recruitment life cycle experience.

      Anyway it was nice to have a comment from a fellow RPO veteran..

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