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Since its launch, SharePoint has been an unrivaled tool for document collaboration, intranet, content management, etc. SharePoint provides many verticals to operate, hence making it advisable to use multiple resources for maximum efficiency.

For an organization to hire apt SharePoint resources, it’s paramount to understand and reflect the precise scope of work. SharePoint Resources are ideally categorized in the following roles:

  • SharePoint Administrator/Farm Administrator:
    • Farm Administrators are the ones who structure the entire SharePoint Platform for an organization. Server Diagnostics, Environment Setup, Configurations, SharePoint Services, etc. lie in this domain of work. Further micromanagement involves handling Networking, Active Directory, Backup and Restoration, Migration of the system.
    • One important tool for the Farm Administrators is PowerShell. PowerShell is a command-line interface for SharePoint. All the tasks that are being done from the GUI, can be also performed using PowerShell, in fact there are some which can only be done from PowerShell.
  • SharePoint Designer:
    • SharePoint Designers are the once who are expert in the UI Customization which include HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Master Pages Customization. These customization are either browser-based or by using SharePoint Designer.
    • Customizing the branding of the sites and changing the look and feel of the sites comes under the scope of SharePoint Designing.
  • SharePoint Developer:
    • SharePoint Developers are the programmers. Development and deployment of custom solutions like Web Parts, Event Receivers, and Workflows using Development IDEs such as Visual Studio falls under this domain.
    • This domain requires in-depth knowledge of the out-of-the-box features and enables customization through coding.
  • SharePoint Analyst/Architect:
    • These are a kind of Business Analyst for SharePoint. Coordination with customers, understanding their requirements and directing the team to develop the same. SharePoint Analysts can configure SharePoint Service and also decide on what services to provide and what not. Responsibility of this domain also includes driving the SharePoint Governance Policy and ensuring the infrastructure maintenance of SharePoint.
  • SharePoint User:
    • A SharePoint User is only aware of the functionalities available and performs activities using this platform. Customers or End-User come under this category.

Considering the variety of opportunities in SharePoint and not to forget its continuous upgradation, creating combinations of different roles for SharePoint resources in order to enhance their knowledge and employability is beneficial.

We at Intransure Technologies will be happy to integrate customized SharePoint Development Services at your end to help you derive the maximum advantage out of your function whether it is  document collaboration, intranet, content management, etc.

If you are an enterprise level business wanting to implement SharePoint Development Services, then do get in touch with us at [email protected]. You can also give us a call at +1 929 900 8026

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Himanshi Dwivedi, working as a Software Developer in – Experienced in Web-based applications in .Net Technologies like Web Forms, MVC using C# and also in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Apart from coding, I enjoy travelling and reading. Find me on LinkedIn.

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