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Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps account for more than half (52%) of all the time spent on digital media. Is your organization making use of this Phenomenal Platform? At Intransure we develop innovative and ground-breaking mobile apps to outshine the competition. Here are the few tips to get your Mobile Application development cycle on fast track.

Understand App Functionality and Related Issues in Very Early Stage

  1. Rapidly Build Application Mock-Ups with Workflows
    1. Build, connect mock-up screens giving a sense of workflow
    2. Tools
      1. Balsamiq
      2. Mockflow
      3. Omnigraffle
  1. Plan Data Exchange
    1. Server-Handset Communication
    2. Plan on RESTful or SOAP
    3. Prefer push notifications over polling mechanism
  2. Go for Layered approach instead of Monolithic
    1. To build easy to maintain app:
      1. Layered approach
      2. Clarity of user interface
      3. Clear understanding of classes, entities and controllers

Make Code Maintainable, Detect Bugs in Minimum Cycles

  1. Don’t hesitate to use design patterns
    1. MVC and Template patterns to save duplication efforts
    2. Factory pattern for better decoupling
  2. Think smarter
    1. Smarter coding saves time and efforts
    2. Build and use common libraries for app families
  3. Do not compromise on code quality
    1. Care about code quality
    2. Use code reviewers:
      1. StaticAnalyzer
      2. Jupiter
      3. AgileReview
      4. Crucible
  1. Be test ready
    1. Implement ‘One Click’ build automation using JMeter and Jenskins

Ensure Superior Quality in Short Span of Time and Reduce the Need for Bug Patches

  1. Automate
    1. Tools to automate UI testing: Automation instrument and FoneMonkey
    2. Tools to automatic data validation testing: TestLodge and TestRail
  2. Test rapidly and aggressively
    1. Try and test differently:
      1. Different network types, phones with different resolutions, different tablet devices
      2. Test performance, leaks, allocations, CPU usage using instruments for iOS apps
    2. Don’t forget security
      1. Tools to build Hack proof app
        1. Package play
        2. Manifest Explorer
        3. Intent Sniffer
        4. Intent Fuzzer

Be Prepared for Approval

  1. Don’t miss on the app store review guidelines
    1. Ensure that your app does not have things which could be reasons for rejection of your app
  2. Understand the review process
    1. Honor the human interface guidelines
    2. Submission documentation
    3. Produce needed artifacts

With these tips you can achieve nearly 30% reduction in development time and cost.

At Intransure we build robust, scalable and interactive mobile applications. With customers ranging from start-ups to large enterprises we put together a team of the best UI Designers, UX and Web Developers catering to your business needs.

Write a mail at [email protected] or call us at +1 929 900 8026 and let us tell you how we can add value to your business.

About The Author

Shrey Patel works with Intransure Technologies as Search Engine Optimizer. His passion for helping people in all aspects of Digital Marketing. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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