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Corporate Social Responsibility

At the heart of our organization and the team lies the wish to contribute to our society. We believe in the value and our moral responsibility for the betterment of our people and environment.

Like this we are actively involved in activities to promote the quality of education, healthcare, child welfare and safety. We know that children are our future and are reliant our support now to become those open-minded and strong people our world needs.

We are thus associated with international NGOs who share our goal and vision.

United Way

We work together with United Way as their partner and help them with all the technology driven initiatives by collaborating with their local governing bodies.

As we expand, we aspire to enhance our contribution back to the society. We drive a culture of a “helping hand” within our organization by letting all our employees contribute to various social welfare activities.

We organize fund-raiser amongst our team and Intransure contributes a matching amount for the people who suffer during natural calamities as our love and obligation to all of them. Our founders believe in charity and helping beyond ourselves to become better corporate citizens and facilitate in supporting people to smile with Us.

Intransure Initiatives

We have chosen various channels to drive our CSR initiatives:

Developing innovative solutions to address large-scale societal problems by utilizing our IT core competence.

Volunteering for projects that address the felt need of communities in which Intransure operates, while aligning with the core themes of Intransure’s CSR.

Participating in community development programs championed by our clients.

Partnering with selected non-government and civil society organizations and other government bodies.

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