Desktop Application Testing

Windows Software Application Testing is categorized into two types which are Desktop Application Testing and Client Server Based Application Testing. Windows Application Testing is simple as testers have control over the maximum number of clients and servers are known.

Desktop applications run on personal computers and work stations, where one can test the complete application in categories such as Graphical User Interface, Functionality and Load testing.
A desktop application is usually used by a single user & is installed as an exe file, which only requires the need for installation testing.

In client server based windows application, there are two different components to test. Application is hosted or loaded on the server machine, while the application exe on every client machine. A software application runs on the client or the user side and makes requests to the server to access the information or data. A client-server application can be platform specific or it can be cross platform.

Application Testing

Testing will be broadly in categories such as GUI on both sides, functionality, Load, client-server interaction and this environment is mostly used in Intranet networks.

While testing desktop applications the natures of defects are usually different and the most common defects are incorrect shortcut icon, unauthorized features which the application might install without taking input from user, process may still be running in the background even after uninstalling the application, platform dependency issues and long period of continuous memory use.

That is why; Intransure has dedicated team of test engineers and have rich expertise in providing the Desktop Application Testing services and the client is always provided with the project progress test report to keep the updated track of the status. Types of testing services provided include Installation Testing, Load Testing, Compatibility Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Database Testing. Experience in providing the technologies are Ability to derive test cases from SRS(Software Requirement Specification) and Use Cases, Solid understanding of Windows platforms, Expertise in dealing with different bug tracking systems, Profound in STLC, strong Understanding of Client Server Architecture, Familiarity with different business domains, strong understanding of different databases MySQL, SQL. Intransure has high experience over testing and delivering websites and web-applications which include the CRM system, Content management system, Insurance data system and Vendor management system.

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