Our health care solution “Prudent Health PLUS” foster effectiveness and responsiveness to the patient care by improving the experience of all touch points related to the hospital and wider healthcare sector.

In the current world, there are challenges related to implementation of

  • Healthcare Reforms
  • Patient Safety and
  • Service Quality

Intransure’s primary goal is to induce an appropriate solution which facilitates the implementation challenges by providing a solution which helps the industry to grow financially and maximize life expectancy of people they serve.

Our product provides tangible benefits by:

  • Reducing wait time of patients; improving patient turn-around time
  • Introducing priority system for services based on time buffer
  • Implementing separate buffer system for OPD/IPD
  • Reducing the lead time of services
  • Effective connectivity of physician’s office with service center and pharmacy
  • Manage room category wise availability vs. inventory of beds
  • Empowering team in improving the culture of quality
  • Public reporting of outcome data that ensures quality and safe care
  • Convenience and accessibility driven by pricing and performance
  • Inspire confidence from patients, doctors, staff, sponsors, suppliers and management / trustee
  • Patient education system, satisfaction survey & complaint handling procedure

Impact of our Health Care Solution:

  • Clear & consistent process of – Patient Flow Management, Services and Prioritization
  • >25% reduction in patient wait time
  • More patients served successfully with same level of resources, thus maximizing the utilization and higher benefit
  • Service centers providing services at a faster rate, being more productive thereby reducing the operation cost per patient
  • A process to ensure resources are working on the right patients at the right time
  • Remarkable reduction in paper work
  • Quick turnaround on senior management decisions
  • Incredible enhancement in patient experience and delight

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