Our Agile Way
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Our Agile Way

Our development processes is designed to deliver value to you in an exceptional quality as soon as possible. As an Intransure Customer you have the chance to monitor the work in progress regularly and give feedback to our team directly, so we meet your expectations any step of the way.

We set our development process in a highly agile way to deliver value to you and at the same time be flexible enough to implement changes once they occur. Like this we can

  • Give you highly accurate estimates
  • Lower the time and cost of reworks or changes
  • Deliver the value addition that you ask for

Our processes combine the power of the SCRUM project management paired with Extreme Programming. Like this our team is more productive while the process itself stays light weighed and simple. , Scrum allows cross-functional, self-organized teams to operate.
We offer you our cross-functional team, the size optimized for communication and interaction. The Product Owner, either being part of your team or ours, analyses the requirements using his in-depth business insight. He finds with you a perfect business solution and keeps, for and with, you track of the implementation status.

We iterate our development efforts in regular intervals called Sprints. The team fixes the duration of one interval but it is generally around two weeks long. During this time the complete efforts go into finishing part of your software that is potentially ready to ship.

At the end of each such iteration we present the product to you and you can first-hand review the outcome and give input on the way to go. Every sprint will add value ready to use to you.

Each sprint starts with a sprint planning event in which the tasks and goal for the sprint are set. Like this you know exactly when you can expect the next add-on to your project.

It is the main target of Scrum to produce a working product at the end of the sprint. This includes a complete testing cycle according to our high quality standards.

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