CLIKSURVEY enables you to send survey questionnaire to any person worldwide, anywhere, anytime as long as you have set-up the survey and got the survey link. The admin panel is managed through role and survey based access which facilitate the administrator to provide rights to the business users who owns the survey along with the complete rights for the response and export feature.

The powerful tool supports both one-to-one and bulk response with responder details or anonymized the data when you want to avoid the biasness of the feedback response.

Product Features

ClikSurvey Admin

Admin module empower the survey maker to create the survey questionnaire with different question types by drag-n-drop functionality. You can also re-order the question by drag-n-drop rather than inserting and deleting questions.

Create the question group when you want to add the same set of questions in most of your survey to avoid adding the same set of questions every time you build a survey.

Survey Dashboard helps you to view real-time, the no. of responses received against the target


Why ClikSurvey

Monthly SaaS model.

Simplified Admin Portal.

User-friendly (Drag-n-Drop).

No Software Installation.

Customized Branding.


Easy to use Web Application.

Set-up Surveys in Minutes.

Easy to create Survey Questionnaire.

Personalized or anonymous feedback.

Device independent (laptop/mobile/iPads).


SaaS based – Competitive pricing with no capital investments.

Export Data – Export survey responses in CSV, Excel and PDF along with attachments.

Unlimited Access – Unlimited surveys, questions and responses.

Sub-User Accounts – Create, Edit, Publish and restrict surveys by different user account and permission.

Survey Logic – Helps to dictate following question based on previous response.

Custom Logo – Put customized logo for individual survey questionnaire.

More Question Type – Choose from 15+ question types for getting response.

Question Groups – Create group for repetitive questions and inherit in all surveys.

Section Breaks – Set-up survey to bifurcate different section within the questionnaire.

Privacy – Facility to create survey with anonymized response for open and honest feedback.

Share Survey – Embed in website or share through email.

Personalization – Enables you to personalize your survey and set-up within minutes.

Device Independent – Responsive design facilitate to fill-up survey in laptop, iPad & Smartphones (iOS/Android).

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