Data Insight Hub
A Single Intelligent Platform
to run your business

Data Insight Hub is a single intelligent platform that has every KPI for the entire business. It has the capability to answer questions of every function of the business – Top Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations. Intuitive customised dashboard as per the role.

Build a data driven customer centric organization with DIH. Discover hidden opportunities in your business that you never know existed.

Product Features


Simple – Build simple to complex data scenarios in a visual environment, and get the freedom to explore, filter and drill down in any granularity independently, with instant answers to ad-hoc queries.

Powerful – DIH houses a powerful advanced analytics backbone, empowering business users with strong insights through personalized dashboards giving them the freedom to “tell a story” with actionable insights.

Flexible – Agile data flow allows different types of users start their data journey as per their preferences. No matter how you want to work, everything can be reused and shared with an integrated workflow management.

Scalable – Whether you are a start-up or a 10,000-strong workforce enterprise, DIH is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud with the capability to scale up as per your needs.

Cost Effective – DIH alone will prepare, analyse and visualize any type and size of data, saving you the need to invest in data management, visualization tools, analytics software and professional services.

Security – DIH has an optimized architecture for AES (ADVANCED ENCRYPTION STANDARD) with 128-bit encryption. With secure rights access management, control what you want to show and to whom.


DIH runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Takes off the headache of Data Management.

Allows you to get all the information you need -get a full overview of your company’s health or dig sipper into details.

DIH’s self-service advanced analytic engine, backed with artificial intelligence is intuitive enough for a non-technical user and powerful enough for a technical expert.

Tailored analytics anywhere and on any device in real time.

Automated reporting process addressing exact needs of the business user.

Turns data into stunning interactive visualizations for better fact based decisions.

Enables a business user to act on insights and measure its effectiveness with ease-campaign management & Digital Marketing.

Sector specific KPI’s and primary market research repository.

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