Prudent BLE Plus

In the world of mobility, it is of utmost importance for the organizations to facilitate enterprise mobility enabled solutions through transforming standards to integrate and enable future ecosystems. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a wireless computer network technology which has been integrated with Geo-Location based mobility platform to reinforce the enterprise level application implementation.

Prudent BLE Plus improves operational efficiency through implementation of a digital platform that automates and mitigates performance challenges through accurate data capture as per set business strategies and usage of analytical driven reporting platform for taking smart decisions supported with data driven approaches.

Prudent BLE Plus empowers you to capture and analyse data on how the employees behave and accommodate digital content in the physical as well as remote environment. The product completely digitizes time tracking through innovative GPS enabled punch-in/punch-out or Bluetooth low energy proximity beacons. The product also helps to take some of your critical business processes into the smartphone that are fully integrated in the enterprise server.

Product Features

Dashboard & Analytics Driven Report Gallery

Comprehensive reporting module with ready-to-view key attributes driven indicators. This enables organizations to view the complete enterprise workflow on certain key parameters that eventually highlights simplicity from the end user point of view thereby enhancing productivity. You will be able to see the complete mechanism of workflow starting from initiation of the requests till approval to monitor the processing time and enhance the lead time to complete the tasks. You can export, print and even share reports through email.

Security & Data Privacy

Unlike the ISO/IEC 7816 and other global standards, the BLE enabled enterprise app takes care of several native and protocol level security parameters. Prudent BLE Plus is controlled centrally by your group admin with the IMEI based security, which registers the device assigned to an employee in your system before accessing the application. The BLE functionality of the product includes frequency hopping, mode controller and privacy protection features. At protocol level, several data security features are integrated like 128 bit AES encryption and PKI enabled authentications.

Attendance & Leave Management

The product provides enterprise level project tracking system and leave management system, which enhances the user experience as well as the submission of time spent on project work and leave management from their smartphones. The application has been designed keeping in mind simple to create user interface along with the required project tracking details which eventually helps the project managers to track the team utilization through visually appealing and intuitive dashboards.

Helpdesk Portal

Prudent BLE Plus helps the user to log a helpdesk ticket remotely from their smartphones related to any internal processes which in turn goes to the enterprise workflow in terms of assignment and issue resolution mechanism. This feature is integrated with SLA along with escalation mechanism to have proper governance and controlled approach to support employees.

Push Notification

Think of a situation where majority of your work force is at remote locations and you want to send them a message about something important or even calling the project team working in the field for a meeting, the push notification feature enables you to send push messages to their smartphones through a backend web based message window and you can manage to group the users from different context and send customized messages accordingly.

Social Media Connects

Allow your employees to connect to company pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+. This allows and empowers your employees to post their comments and interact in real time exclusively on your company pages.

Events & Discussion Forum

Let your enterprise level event calendar publish and auto notify all the employees through the app on their smartphones for easy access and reminder point of view. Prudent BLE Plus enables employees to share comments and their expertise on various discussion forums, an in-built feature to connect all your employees with different skill areas at one place.


Intuitive dashboard and analytic driven report gallery for smart business decisions

Improve operational efficiency for targeted communication and information which reduces the communication gap in understanding key messages while employees are not in office

Employees receive the right content in the right place at the right time and are empowered to complete priority tasks related to projects using their smartphones

A more positive and interactive employee engagement

Opportunity for creating innovative tracking mechanism in alignment with the business performance

Cloud based offering, facilitates the decision makers to avoid upfront investments

Use of technology bringing the business on top of smart enterprise initiatives

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