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Enterprises including public and private sector organizations are increasingly reliant on their applications. They are operating in a dynamic business environment, and efficiency in business is paramount for an enterprise to remain competitive and ahead of the curve. Applications well aligned with business strategies drive success and help you respond to changing demands. They must be developed, tested and managed effectively to keep you fit for the future.

Our Application Development and Management services are strategic, in that we work closely with customer’s business functions, understand the pain points, identify areas of improvement, and provide holistic solutions and support that translate to tangible business results. A key facet of our offering is a suite of services to help you build and integrate business applications /solution/websites along with support services. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architectures for use in a wide range of industries.

As the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accommodate the world’s growing technological needs, Intransure has master experts who are capable in custom web application improvement customized particularly to meet your needs. We provide our clients with reliable web development services. We deploy top trending back-end and front-end technologies as consistent with international code standards to deliver stable and functional software solutions.

Our web development capabilities encapsulate the complete end to end holistic view of customer transformational solution need by applying our standard operational framework which is agile and inclusive taking into account the responsibility and deployment roadmap. Regardless of the amount of complex your task is, we can break the hardest of nuts and convey to you the accurate altered applications you require.


Our core development platform is ASP.NET with MVC framework which helps the application to perform by using the logical components. MVC is the most frequently used industry standard web development framework through which we create, develop scalable and extensible projects.

Through MVC, we develop complex applications which combine

  • The data related logic that the users works with Model component
  • The UI logic for customer view such as text boxes, dropdown etc. with View component and
  • The interface to process all the business logic and incoming requests with Controller components.

All the above three components work hand in hand to manipulate data using the Model component and interact with the Views to render the final output through the Controller.
Our ASP.NET expertise supports two major development models: ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller). This framework is a lightweight, highly tested presentation framework that is integrated with existing ASP.NET features, such as master pages and most importantly authentications which helped us in developing complex enterprise level applications. We use Visual Studio to create ASP.NET MVC applications.

Advantages of our ASP.NET MVC Development Services

  • Ideal for developing complex but light weight web application
  • Provides pluggable framework which can be easily replaced and customised
  • Component based architecture, helps to manage the complex large scale projects and work on individual components
  • Helps in an environment for projects with large team of web developers
  • Supports all the existing ASP.NET functionalities along with full control to the developers


Java’s proven capability for building reliable, secure, scalable and flexible applications has been accepted worldwide. But, evaluating its deployment impact for custom needs of business, establishing an effective migration roadmap to enhance business functionalities and drawing maximum business benefits from Java practice are some of the key factors that enterprises have actively to think of. Intransure’s deep capabilities in deploying Java in an effective manner help businesses meet their business objectives cost-effectively.

Intransure experience and proficiency spans highly scalable multi-tiered enterprise Java applications to standalone Java-based software utilities. We use the J2EE and J2SE environments extensively, including Spring Framework, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate Technologies, JBoss and WebLogic Application Server, Struts and Spring Framework developed large applications while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our team develops efficient, scalable and intelligent programs based on the Java platform, programs that are optimized to exploit Java’s cross-platform abilities.The greatest advantage of a Java virtual machine-based program is its ability to perform on multiple platforms and operating systems. Intransure can help you harness this portability and cultivate Java programs that are not just proficient and uncomplicated, but also encompass all your requirements and include the option of future expansion if required.
Intransure’s expert pool of Java professionals coupled with its global delivery capabilities ensure that projects are delivered on time, meeting the clients’ all compliance requirements. Our Java application development solutions are easy to upgrade, migrate and maintain with minimum risk and at minimal cost.

Intransure offers the following Java/J2EE services

  • Software architecture and design of J2EE applications
  • Development of Java/J2EE Application
  • Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Struts framework development
  • Migration of applications to Java/J2EE
  • Performance tuning of your existing J2EE application
  • Creation of SOAP and Restful APIs along with documentation
  • Creation of Jasper reporting applications
  • Using OAUTH, OAUTH 2 to enhance the security level of the applications


Open source software (OSS) is the fastest growing field in the IT sector. Starting with the concept of collectively creating software over the internet, today it has been adopted by more than 50% of all enterprises. The reason for this trend lies in the technology’s advantages:

• Quality – It is more secure, as it has fewer defects compared to proprietary software. It is continually progressing in real time due to modification by multiple developers, leading to better versions of the software each time it is modified

• Flexibility – This is tailored to our customers’ individual needs; software features built to precisely match client needs, and possible business changes in the future also provided

• Cost – Though the development time remains roughly the same, the deployment costs are much lower based on the fact that the license need not be purchased

PHP is a robust and server-side language and is one of the most popular open source programing languages for dynamic web applications. PHP along with MySQL, Linux and Apache, popularly known as the LAMP platform, is an effective alternative to commercial software development platforms for building and running dynamic and high-performance web applications. LAMP development is becoming increasingly popular in crafting solutions ranging from a considerably small website to a complex web application. We have an experienced team of PHP programmers who have completed numerous PHP Web Programming projects.

Intransure offers the following PHP Development services

  • PHP Web Development
  • PHP Application Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • PHP Software Customization and Integration
  • PHP Porting and Migration
  • Packaged PHP Applications
  • PHP Professional Services

Share Point Development

Our dedicated SharePoint team offers a variety of services that can be customized for every specific need. Our existing SharePoint solutions can be modified, or an entirely new solution can be created if necessary. Intransure’s SharePoint application development team has vast experience using both current and previous iterations of this platform to create customized SharePoint portal solutions.

This development framework has been used for multiple projects for a variety of functions – most popularly collaboration and document management. It is used to build and host enterprise level internet and intranet based sites and applications.

We have extensive knowledge on working with SharePoint Online and SharePoint designer through Office 365, Azure and on-premise platform which facilitates scalable and secured environment for team collaboration. Using the Web Parts functionality within SharePoint, our team has developed various integrated complex collaboration and insight driven analytics data visualization reporting platform.

Intransure offers the following SharePoint services

  • Enterprise level application and collaboration portal development
  • Team sites and Intranet Development
  • Bespoke application development
  • Integrated custom built-to-suite application using various web parts, SharePoint designer, apps from SharePoint Store
  • Extensive reporting platform development integrating 3rd party tools and framework like SSRS, PowerPivot, Power BI, Tableau etc.


AngularJS is developer-friendly, quick, and robust. This is why we choose Angular JS. It implements MVC by asking you to split your app into MVC components, then just let Angular do the rest.

Looking for a JavaScript framework to organize web applications, than AngularJS is the most preferred platform. It is possible to declare dynamic views in web applications with Angular JS. Web applications using AngularJS are easy to test and maintain. A business that needs to build interactive websites and apps especially the established ones looks out for this JavaScript MVC framework. This feature allows easy testing of JavaScript code and let the mobile apps get a rich and beautiful UI design.

With the growing demand of interactive designs on mobile and websites, business wants scalable applications with sophisticated features using AngularJS. Our dedicated Angular.JS developers have delivered fast, scalable and appealing web-applications and mobile apps.

Angular manages your components for you and also serves as the pipeline that connects them. Angular JS   brings you the best support and solutions. AngularJS is 100% JavaScript, client-side and compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. The powerful and result-oriented framework brings some amazing features in dynamic views in web applications; while let users extend HTML vocabulary for web applications that show real time interactive events.

AngularJS lets you extend HTML for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop, 2 way data binding, Templates, MVVM ,Dependency Injection and Directives are the special features that makes angular different from other frameworks

Intransure offers the following AngularJS Services

  • Use Best tools among the developer community: build & deploy Angular Apps
  • AngularJS, NodeJS and BackboneJS
  • Enterprise level web applications and apps
  • Framework development using UI-bootstrap, Ionic and Semantic UI


At Intransure, we help companies think ahead. Businesses today, need to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility. Staying ahead of that change and achieving long-term success requires ongoing business transformation. We are committed to deliver high quality services and we thrive on the customer success. Get in touch with us for more information on Intransure Web Development services and how we can add value to your business.