Web Application Testing

A web based application can be accessed over the internet or intranet network. Web application testing is a software testing technique adopted to test the software web applications hosted on different web environment in which the interfaces as well as other important feature functionalities of the application are tested. Web application testing in simple language is to check the web application for possible bugs or defects before the application is made live into the production environment. That is why, Intransure technologies have a dynamic adaptive approach towards the need of web application testing practices & delivering high quality, high standard and cost-effective web testing services.

Application Testing Services

Web Application Testing Services includes & covers various types of testing which are Functionality, Usability, Interface, Compatibility, Performance, Security as well as Database Testing.

  • Functionality Testing : It is not only limited to test and ensure that there is no dead page or invalid redirects, validation checks, input checks to perform negative testing, calculations check, business logic & data integrity as well as workflow of the system but also to make sure & guarantee the high quality as well as stability of the built software. It also includes testing the end-to-end business scenario which walks the user through a series of webpages to complete.
  • Usability Testing : It is to cross verify whether the application is easy to understand and use by the business or end users as well as testing the navigation controls, content checking as well as look and feel of the application should be good.
  • Interface Testing : It is performed to ensure the user interface and dataflow from one system to other. Interface testing can be extended to test the Application, Web and Database Server.
  • Compatibility Testing : It is performed on the application to test the browser compatibility, Compatible to various devices like notebook, mobile and Operating system compatibility.
  • Performance Testing : It is to measure the server response time and throughput under specific or various load conditions to check the application stability to handle the load capacity. Performance testing is measured in terms of Load testing to monitor and measure the important business critical transactions and load on the database & application server to check the behaviour under specific load, Stress testing to find the upper limit capacity of the system & determine how the system performs if the current load goes beyond the expected limit, Soak testing is performed to discover the system’s performance under sustained use.
  • Security Testing : It is to verify whether the application is secured on web against any vulnerable data theft and unauthorized access to the system which can challenge the security access control level of the system. Such attacks are commonly caused through SQL Injection, Broken Authentication and Session Management, Cross-Site Scripting, Sensitive Data Exposure, Cross-Site Request Forgery.

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